Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Embracing the fall

I had my first private skating lesson. Can I just say I love the people at the rink?! They are so friendly and encouraging.

After I get used to being back on the rink. I could finally breathe! I learned to waddle and roll. I felt myself roll. Kinda scary but encouraging.

I fell. It was fine. I will fall. I will let myself fall. I will fall safely. I will get back up. I will get up quickly.

They commented that I am good at my falls and getting up quickly. That was encouraging! Isn't that what roller derby ladies do? Fall and get up. I saw a lot of it this weekend.

I have some work to do especially strengthening my thigh muscles. Maybe I will be able to don the booty shorts too. LOL! Don't worry I won't scare ya.

I can do this. Maybe I will be skating by March!

From the thoughts of a RDW

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