Sunday, January 15, 2012

What am I doing?

Yesterday I was filled with lots of doubt! I mean who in their right mind learns how to skate as an overweight adult. I was fearful of injuring a kid when I fall.

My best friend encouraged me by reminding me when I began sewing. It was scary remembering those first outfits. But my failure was mostly private. No other adults watching me fall, no ridicule, no "bless her heart."

Then I remembered my biggest hurdle when it comes to things with wheels: driving!

I had my license at 16, by a miracle. I was so scared to drive that I didn't drive until I was married and 22 years old. I had to drive to get to DBU each day. I had to go from no driving at all to driving on the highway for 45 minutes each way. TERRIFYING!!!

I remember praying alot and listening to Switchfoot. But I did it, These days I will drive just about anywhere, without much of a thought.

So hopefully I can jump this other wheel related hurdle. Hopefully I can get out of my head and just do it. Learn to relax.

Maybe I will inquire about the private lessons.

From the thoughts of a RDW

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