Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why roller derby? Why this year?

I have always loved the aspect of being able to fight and not get in trouble for it. Yes, a favorite movie of mine is Fight Club. Love MMA. Roller Derby just seems like a good fit for ME! I can be tough on the outside like I know I am inside. I can go fast. The feeling of going fast is thrilling - well at least at Six Flags it is. I feel like there is a family vibe of strong women who are fun, tough, fit and quick. Plus they have cool superhero like names.

Reasons I want to join:
1. My desire for speed and strategy will not harm my kids by driving.

2. Being aggressive sounds like a blast and is expected.

3. It's exercise!!

4. They are happy! I want to be part of a team too.

5. Roller skating looks youthful! Must stay young!

Why now?
1. Not getting younger
2. Need to find a sport to get active in
3. Friends can actually see me doing this
4. Life is short
5. It's this or boxing of some sort.
6. I have pent up aggression

My hurdles.

1. Biggest one don't know how to skate
2. Don't have a name selected
3. Must pass Tryouts
4. See how scheduling of practices and games work with family

My goal for the next 2 months: buying skates and padding and learning to skate.

Here goes to an interesting 2012!

From the thoughts of a RDW


  1. I heart you and your courage to start something new in a time when people are okay with just being sedentary. You rock!!

  2. This is awesome! I have always had the same dream and just haven't had the courage to go for it. Maybe you will inspire me to actually do it!