Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lesson 2

Well today I felt a LITTLE more steady on my feet. I can take small steps. No falling on that part. WOO HOO! success!

Then came the turns. I didn't attempt it last week. This week I did! I can turn! Slowly but I can turn! I don't have to use to wall to turn.

Out came the cones again. Those blasted cones. Zig zag, did it this time!! Yes!

Going over the cones- feet apart.

Feel BIG time! On my butt. In front of my daughter. It was time to save face. While she's saying "mommy, you okay?" I got up. It stung. I went to the end of the line. The coach told me to sit into it more and lean forward some. I DID IT! woo hoo! Felt great!

Then I just wanted to feel the sensation of standing still. No moving- just still. I hung out at the wall for a few minutes.

I feel okay with myself. A bit more hopeful today. I like being at the rink.

I learned that the coach at the rink had coached a roller derby league in the area!! It was cool. He was telling me why it was helpful to learn to hop on skates. I also need to get to the rink 2 times a week somehow. I have to figure that out.

Other news, my daughter made me so proud. She fell and got back up! She had a smile and wants to keep doing it! So next week we'll both be there.

Slowly on my way.

Goals for the week:

1. Balance on one leg
2. Get some ankle weights and practice hopping and marching
3. Practice standing with toes out and heels together
4. Squats and lunges
5. Research research research all things roller derby

From the thoughts of a RDW

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