Saturday, January 14, 2012

The first lesson

I had an internal struggle on whether or not to wear my elbow/knee/wrist pads. I carried them in with me. After telling the main person that indeed the lessons are for me and not my kids, I went ahead and bought the 5 lesson punch card.

I pulled the laces tight and stood up. I then decided to put on my padding. Making it to the rink was scary, but I did it!

After hearing (but disagreeing mentally) that the wall is not your friend, we broke into groups. I had to inform them that I was in the correct class with the beginners.

We learn how to fall and get back up. I had severe doubts it would work.

After marching back and forth, I experienced my first fall. Nothing graceful at all! I was flat down on the rink, belly and all. I regretted my choice in shirts at that moment. I hear the coach say that I did a great fall. What technique I have. Yeah!!

I get up. It worked!! So I try again. Fall again- not as bad though.

After using more muscles than I imagined, we progressed to backwards skating. I didn't. I stayed at the wall, shaking my head in disbelief. Turns, the same.

I told one hesitant little boy that I hope to see him next week. He waved bye at me. I told him I would be the last one in line. The parents laughed.

I can imagine the car conversations of those various parents. "see hon, you NEED to learn how to skate. You don't want to end up like the old lady out there."

Goal: strengthen my legs and core! Ouchie I am sore.

From the thoughts of a RDW

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