Sunday, February 12, 2012

The day the training wheels came off

After 5 lessons, the day I had been waiting, praying and working toward finally happened. I skated!!! I went to my usual lesson in my new skates. I was in the beginners class AGAIN! I was doing my usual penguin waddle attempts and turns. It didn't feel much different from my other lessons as in I still felt very uneasy but determined today. I stopped myself and made myself take deep breaths and keep going. One of the parents said I looked more confident. The coach said I was rolling better today. I decided to stay after class for open skate to practice. It is the best time to skate!!! loved it! So before I went out again, I was resting, a little girl from class said that I looked good out on the rink. I just about cried. I went out on the rink and one of the coaches was talking to me and giving me to answers to questions I had about after I got rolling how to make it smoother. She helped me out and I was still very wobbling not quite skating. After going around the rink, I was tired. I went out and sat down to rest. I decided to give it another try. As I was on the carpeted area, I slipped and fell hard on my butt. I got up and prayed no one saw me. I got on the rink. (Normally, I would have just left and gone home). I went on the rink and that's when it happened. I started moving, I started to go faster and I fell! I got back up and went again. Then it hit, I am skating. I felt like I was going so fast. It was NOT graceful at all and I had a stupid big grin on my face. I realized I was finally skating. I fell many times, back to back. It didn't matter. I got up and did it again. I SKATED!!! I SKATED!!! I SKATED!!! I am 99% sure I looked just like kids who first get their training wheels taken off their bicycles. All wobbly and over the places but OVERJOYED!!! Now when have my private lessons on Tuesday, I hope for 2 things: 1) That I am not told that I am doing it all wrong 2) That I still skate and don't end up like that Broadway Frog when the frog was with the one guy would sing and dance but in front of the audience- NOTHING. I almost want to go skate again today to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I felt fast though. I am sure rolling on wheels does that for everyone, but I felt like I was fast!! Maybe next time I'll be able to include a video clip of the action. I need proof!

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